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I’ve been designing and building stainless steel performance exhaust for over thirty years. When I read Hangar 111’s claim that they had reduced the noise output of the supercharged 3.5Ltr V6 down to the low 90’s dbs - “with no power losses” - I was highly sceptical to say the least.
Greg Lock, Managing Director of Hangar 111 Ltd lists his occupation as an IT Manager on the Companies House website. Looking at his firm’s previous exhaust offerings (see other pages on this website) I can believe that! I recall he once bought an un-used 2bular domain name and set up a diversionary site to send 2bular enquiries to his own Hangar 111 website. A bit desperate I must say but that is his skill-set! Exhaust design? Maybe not.
They mention carrying out flow-bench testing against other after-market exhausts. Hangar 111 Ltd do not own a flow-bench – they do not manufacture any of the exhausts they sell. But I do know a UK exhaust manufacturer who claims to use a flow-bench for their R&D and I wouldn’t look to them for a performance exhaust of any description – ever.

The Hangar 111 QT V6  system –


is a baffled design – not straight-thru!
I have NEVER encountered, in 30 years of exhaust design/manufacturing,  a baffled system that can out-perform a straight-thru exhaust. Hence my scepticism at Hangar 111’s “no power-losses” claim.
Incidentally, I did see a claim of “lightweight” in some of their marketing. This baffled QT V6 system weighs 17.6Kgs. The factory system weighs 16.4Kgs. The straight-thru 2bular QP V6 system weighs 9.8Kgs.

Back in January, I contacted the Advertising Standards Authority asking how I could challenge Hangar 111’s claims.
The ASA advised me to contact Mr Greg Lock, Managing Director of Hangar 111 Ltd to ask him for proof.  I did this using registered post as per ASA guidelines. A period of 5 days was allowed for him to reply.
He didn’t reply.

The later factory exhausts fitted to the Evora 400 and the Exige 380 are notoriously LOUD. Once the exhaust valve is “open” the system is a straight-thru 3” (76mm).  A very difficult exhaust to keep under control - noise-wise - on a supercharged install. Great for marketing! A car that sounds like it looks is always a good thing for a salesman. Not so good for a UK trackday enthusiast though.

I carried out back-to-back dyno tests between the factory system fitted to an Evora 400 and my 70mm bore, straight-thru QP (Quiet Performance) V6 system. Here is the dyno graph –


You can see a slight increase in power and torque. I was happy with that as the exhaust was significantly quieter than the factory system. It’s also a smaller bore - 70mm - factory system is 76mm but boost (and power) are increased with the smaller bore on this install. No ECU tuning was carried out.

I will be carrying out a back-to-back dyno test between my straight-thru QP V6 system and the Hangar 111 baffled QT V6 system very soon. Should be interesting!



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