17/03/2019: Brexit. Causing some panic with my EU customers awaiting their orders. The Germans seem to be very calm though - they think Mutti will sort it all out - hope so!

Never been busier and it's right across the board, from S1 K-series to Exige 430's. Only 2bular covers the whole market and only 2bular has FIVE different 70mm systems for the supercharged V6 installs. From LOUD to the QP (Quiet Performance) systems.

2bular and the Seloc and TLF forums; forums are just another form of social media these days. Long gone the reliable source of information with the community feel. Nowadays, I've seen a moderator on Seloc telling lies about me and posting defamatory comments about my business - that's the Seloc that I know!

TLF has a moderator (see a pattern developing?) stating that 2bular is sh*t. The owner Mr Andrew Betts (Bibs) isn't interested in abiding by his own Terms & Conditions. He's happy for anyone to post derogatory and defamatory comments about 2bular. I guess he needs the traffic. His statement that I'm "not banned at all" is mendacious. I certainly cannot post on TLF - that's a ban in my book. Anyway - I have many supporters in the Lotus World. I advise them to avoid posting in my defence - not worth the hassle. Best to find your car's Facebook page and keep in touch with like-minded owners that way.




24/12/2018: Phew - what an end to the year! Very, very hectic. Never enough hours in the day. I usually ship 70% of my production overseas but this last quarter was 70% to UK owners! Been 'no-platformed' by the Seloc alpha bell-ends so it's not forum advertising. Maybe Absolute Lotus magazine has been the difference (it's a good read!) or maybe I just design/build better exhausts than the rest ;-)



Another supercharged V6 destroys its UTC's (Ultra Thin Catalysers) in the factory manifolds (headers). I admit my tongue was firmly in cheek when I brought out the Engine Protection Kit a few years ago - but as V6 power outputs increase with every new model - these kits are becoming ESSENTIAL. Haven't heard of any problems on the N/A motors though. Lower level of stress on these installs - unless you're on Track!



A LOT of 2bular V6 exhausts heading across the pond to the USA this month! Comforting to know that some owners in that part of the World know the difference between V6 N/A and Supercharged exhaust demands. I have supplied enlightened owners over there previously but those numbers are going to increase dramatically.

Check out the V6 comparison page for guidance/information on the exhausts. Still a lot to update there but you can never have too much information.















QUIET TRACKDAY EXHAUSTS: I smiled when I read the drive-by noise readings for the latest V6 models.

The information/observations on this website are related solely to the exhausts for Lotus Elise/Exige/Evora platforms.
Questions, questions, questions. If you’re going to make the right choice about anything, you need to ask the right questions.

 Lordy! Honda conversions!! These take up more of my time than dronnnnnning exhaust questions

1ZR Owners check this out.

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