Elise S 1.6 "S3" 1ZR-FAE Exhaust System Comparison Featured


 2bular Vs. Stg1 Exhaust:

The Lotus Stg1 exhaust uses the same profile as the OEM design.
It is slightly shorter, almost as HEAVY and is not a straight-thru system. It has twin tips –

And it’s these twin tips which encourage the dealers to fit this system to the 1.6Ltr 1zr cars!
Are you a 1zr owner and do you have these tips poking out from under the diffuser on your car?!

The Stg1 was never designed for the 1.6Ltr motor and it sounds ………….. not great, and it loses torque. I have many e-mails from happy 2bular customers thanking me for a great-sounding exhaust AND their lost torque.
Many after-market exhaust suppliers in the Lotus world use the same system for the 1zz/1zr/2zz/2zr motors – that’s why many owners of these cars suffer the dreaded dronnnnnnne.
Only 2bular design and build an exhaust for EACH Toyota engine – for best sound/for best power/for best torque.




Master Craftsman in all exhaust systems

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