250 Cup/SE Exhaust System Comparison Featured

For information only - this is why your factory exhaust sounds so bad.

The Cup 220/250 uses the same shell as all the Toyota-engine installs. Interesting to see the end-cap seams welded up - different from the old 111R silencer which had rolled/folded ends. Obviously more back-pressure to deal with on this supercharged install. It has a double-skin to control drone on such a large open chamber. Makes for a heavy unit though - 16.4Kgs.

Looking at the internals, it's a typical Z-flow arrangement helping to control NOISE emissions. Each end has a double-walled chamber filled with stainless wire, again to help control drone. Early 111R silencer had fibreglass filling but it used to melt into little glass balls!

The entry pipe is reduced from 63.5mm to 57mm, so quite restrictive for a supercharged motor. The reverse pipe is 60mm and the outlet pipe is back to the full 63.5mm. You can see the entry to this final pipe is not straightforward - gas-flow has to come back through the mesh screen. Holes punched at the entrance of that pipe increase the area for gas entry. All features to help break up/disrupt the sound waves/energy.
It took a while for me to finalise the design of the 2ZR 2bular 4-1 manifold. Plenty power gains to be had but the torque wasn't so good. I had to be careful with the bore sizes and lengths on the primary pipes and a stepped design was necessary to boost the torque along with the power.
I worked with Daniel Koblitschek, owner of Komo-Tec GmbH to sort out an ECU tune for the ECU. Unfortunately, he has an exclusivity contract with Greg Lock, Hangar 111 owner. Which explained to me why later on, some 250 Cup owners were asking me for the Lambda wiring extension I supply with my manifolds.
It seems Mr Lock was telling the 250 Cup owners who had already bought my 4-1/HJS HD catalyser/system that he could not supply an ECU tune for their 2bular set-up but heh! He could if they fitted his (inferior) 4-1 manifold! I say 'INFERIOR' because RRR Engineering carried out their own testing of aftermarket manifolds for these 2ZR-engined cars and 2bular proved to be the best for power and torque! So Mr Lock had persuaded uninformed/ignorant owners to get rid of their 2bular exhausts and the people contacting me for Lambda wiring had bought them second-hand (an excellent bargain! - but sad for my original customers) - but no Lambda tails. That's because Mr Lock couldn't supply them to his new customers and had kept the 2bular items. Some people wonder why I refer to Mr Lock as the 'Poundshop Machiavelli' - this is a perfect example.
Search long and hard, you won't find an image of the 2ZR 4-1 Mr Lock sells - but you can check out the class-leading 2bular 4-1 below - with the popular Silenced De-cat Pipe (SDCP) necessary for UK track use or the big HJS HD 200cell catalyser for Road cars.
Check out that 10mm thick Stainless head flange with its laser-cut expansion slots. You have to be careful with Stainless material that thick - it likes to move - a LOT! The stepped primary pipes help improve torque without damaging power. The beautiful, hand-fabricated 4-1 merge collector controls the turbulence as the four primaries meet. The Hangar 111 2ZR manifold has none of those features - and is second-best on power and torque. So sad for his customers.
2bular has quality that Hangar 111 just cannot match. Maybe that's why you can't find an image of their 2ZR manifold? wink
With the big HJS HD 200cell catalyser for Road use. New 1st lambda sensor supplied - 
I do have an image of Hangar 111's 2zz-ge manifold though -
The Hangar 111 2zz-ge manifold in all its broken glory. Thin, mild-steel head flange, severely warped by the welding of the four Type 409 primary pipes. (A tuner told me he had to send one back it was just impossible to achieve a satisfactory seal at the cylinder head). I forgot to ask him if Greg made him sign a gagging order  sealed 
Type 409? It's a 'stainless steel' which barely qualifies for that denomination. You can see the corrosion already setting in. Thin-wall too, so minimum strength to handle the engine-movement of a 2zz-ge install meant it broke under the stress.
I advised the Hangar 111 customer to post his complaint on the Seloc forum. It was deleted (of course) - but he was given a partial(!) refund by Greg Lock after he signed a gagging order. Gagging orders/forum post deletions - that's Greg Lock's modus operandi.
The 4-1 collector? It weighs more than the rest of the manifold! It's not stainless steel. It is severely restrictive to gas-flow. This 'product' demonstrates just how much Greg Lock, Managing Director of Hangar 111 Ltd actually knows or understands about exhaust design and manufacture. Oh! - power gain? - zero. It lost 15bhp.



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